Mini Keg Best Beer 5lt (To Takeaway) for £27.00



Knots of May, Harvey's Brewery (3.0%)

This ruby coloured light mild imparts a delicate hop fragrance on the nose. Originally brewed in 1995 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of this local women’s team of Morris Dancers. Part of CAMRA’s ‘Mild in May’ initiative.


Old Ale, Harvey's Brewery (4.3%)

Old Ale was Harvey's Brewery's first beer to win a National Award in 1952. Soft and full bodied, with hints of dried fruits and dates, this is a dark, warming brew that's a firm favourite during the autumn and winter months. Burnt sugars and roasted malts compliment the premium Maris Otter barley, supplanting the light bitterness of aroma hops.


Sussex Best Bitter, Harvey's Brewery (4.0%)

Our most famous and popular brand - it makes up over 90% of our total brewing capacity. Winner of the Champion Best Bitter of Britain title at CAMRA's Great British Beers Festival in 2005 and 2006. First brewed as recently as 1955.